Sunday, 7 October 2012

Bad news...

Hello Jammers. I have not posted for a while an I am on my Kindle writing this. My parents think I am addicted to Animal Jam and bannd m from my Dsi and Computer for about a moth or until they think Im not addicted anymore. Holy crap... However Im stillo my Kindl. I will try to post daily I will get info from other blogs but I won b able to provide pictures. I will find ways to ge on a computer... I already di yesterday and today... I will keep you updated. Todays new item is the underwater halloween returnig rare found in Bahri bargains-The skeleton suit! I already got mine. OK see ya Jammers! I willtry my best to be on Aj.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My birthday, halloween and more!

OK, a couple of STUFF, today is my birthday! I'm 11 now. Meanwhile, all halloween rares are coming back! I bet you any amount of money that non member jack-o-lanterns are coming back tomorrow- they done all the member ones- I THINK. And also, before the scary bat wings, worn blankets and those epic cool popular rates come back they have to deal with the masks- NON MEMBER MASKS- Frankenstein masks,cat hats (non member ones) and that's it I guess-But I can tell you I guess the scary bat wings and worns will come back a bit later in October... Well, you realised that each day 2 halloween rates are coming back? And member masks- vampire,creature and bat masks are back now, but there are so many more to come back! Medusa, hockey,werewolf,pumpkin, witch,yeti and spider masks will come back first- 3 already did- then they will move on to the non member masks, and then the member hats- witch,wizard, demon and eyeball hats are yet to come! And finally the back items- well thats what I think! I am so exited- Some masks are interesting, but some... I know that I missed some hats and masks, but in mid-late october the works and nm bat wings will come back! I think...but each day 2 Halloween rares come back! Clothing, and furniture! Take a look yourself! I'm really excited now!!! see ya!