Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hey Jammers! Do you think I would miss this post? Today's new item is the BAMBOO! You can buy your own in Sarepia Forest plant shop :) I always waited for that!
Meanwhile, CLICK HERE to find an interesting article about quests coming back! What do you think? Will rare items be issued as rewards? Maybe gems? Or maybe even nothing? The best part is the quests, to find Jamaa's inner story! And, I would like to do the Weekly Saturday mystery, a bit like Snowyclaw's Monday mystery, but I like the idea so much!! This week's mystery is in epic wonders...
Near the clothing orb, is, carved, a horse/unicorn/pegasus. What do you think it is? What is it for? How did it get there? Post ideas in comments, winning story will be posted tomorrow! Now, as I am nearing 150 page views, I would like to announce the party details!!! DATE: SUNDAY,7 OCTOBER 2012 TIME: 16:15-16:30 (A SHORT PARTY-THE TIEM IS BASED ON THE CLOCK ON THIS BLOG!) PLACE: MY DEN! WE WILL TRAVEL ROUND JAMAA A BIT. AND, ALSO, MY 11th BIRTHDAY IS ON OCTOBER 3. I WOUDL LIKE TO ASK FOR A FEW GIFTS TO MAKE ME FEEL APPRECIATED, MAYBE SOME EPIC WONDERS STUFF, OR IF YOU HAVE ANY SMALL SPARE BETAS OR RARES I WOULD LIEK THOSE TOO. THANK YOU!!! CLEVERQUEEN!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Jamaa Journal volume 70

Hey Jammers! This update brings lots of excitement to Jamaa.
The winning den for the den contest is a mushroom hut. Congratulations to the winners!
You have 3 more days to purchase a pet monkey by becoming a member- Hurry! And, the aj birthday celebrations are still growing strong- I think you have 2 more weeks left until they fade!
There is a new competition- for a phantom postcard! I can't wait until day of the phantoms- good rares I suppose? Hehe ^.^
There is an advert promoting the new shirts!
And finally info on the news crew and the new news crew plaques. The day of the phantoms is drawing closer- look! I can't wait!!
And now to end today's excitement- the new pencil table and the returning leg armor! Yesh!! :3 I already got pink and white- which colours did you get? Other versions of leg armour so far Include freedom bands-non member leg armour and Something from leap year- a rare leg armour! Heres some pictures:
Ok Jammers, I added a new page to the blog, look out for more! Happy Jamming!!! <3 -cLEVERQUEEN

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Passion Flower

Yowzers Jammers! The reason I am not posting much, is, I'm revising for secondary school tests ^.^ Today's new item is the passion flower, sold in Sarepia Forest's plant shop! I already bought one ^.^
Yes, get your summer carnival and AJ birthday party items before they are gone!!! They are going tomorrow! I got all mine now :) Tomorrow's the big update and the pages will come soon. See ya around!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

I'm back!

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the really late post and sorry for not posting for a long time. As you may know I have updated the blog! It is not complete yet, I just have to update the poll and add the new pages. Meanwhile, I would like some items to come back, to show the culture of Jamaa, I mean, I support the Jamaasian movement ^.^ So,what I would like you to do is copy this message: WORN BLANKETS,WOOD FLOORS,HEADDRESSES AND FRUIT BOWLS COME BACK! And paste it in the little question mark boxes around Jamaa's shops, parties and locations. The reason I want those items back is because I used to own some, but they got HACKED,like I want them to come back so I can buy myself some! Please copy and paste this message every day into every box if you can! Also, plants are coming back, some items are coming back , what will happen next? And,speaking of returning rares, today's new item is a Baby palm tree, sold in the beautiful Sarepia Forest. Now, I might just not add pictures to my blog posts,which encourages you to go see what the item looks like for yourself, unless its a returning rare ^.^ Meanwhile, I saw strange coloured Anemone head bow while playing underwater best dressed- It was black,grey and white! This gives me a hint of Last year's Jamaaliday gifts coming back in NEW colours! That's all for today, look out for more updates! -CLEVERQUEEN <3

Monday, 17 September 2012

Rare Arctic Coat

Heya Jammers! Today's Monday rare is the arctic coat-of course, member only! Whilst I couldn't post yesterday,I was busy decorating my Jam-tamstic homework book! And I mean Jam-tastic, I decorated it with Pictures of Animal Jam and some of my animals! If you would like instructions to do this project, tomorrow's post will give you the link, of course, I will write it myself! Also, the blog update will come between today-tomorrow. I would also like to ask anyone reading this blog to let others know about it-speaking of my blog, I only need 9 more views until 100! ooh! Party coming soon! For today's post I SADLY can't include a picture, but it's a great returning rare! The next monday rare will be The arctic hood, look on the daily explorer! If they have changed it, Snowyclaw's blog has a picture,CLICK HERE I mean, Arctic Hoods and coats, not many people realised they are now small rares. Yesterday's item was also the sea turtle sumbersidle, do you think the next endangered Animal will be the Sea Turtle? Will more Sea Turtle items come out? It is a great addition to my underwater transport link, if you want to take a look visit my underwater den, now unlocked, by wednesday. Account: cleverqueen New blog update will include: NEW FAVICON,NEW BLOG FONT, NEW BLOG FONT COLOURS, POSSIBLY NEW THEME, MAYBE NEW BACKGROUND IMAGE, NEW POLL, NEW PAGES AND MORE SO LOOK OUT FOR THE BLOG UPDATE! CLEVERQUEEN <3 P.S Also, as you may already know, the Animal Jam homebase is in UTAH. I might change the time show on this blog to Utah time zone, as It will really fit! LOOK OUT FOR THE BIG UPDATE-ONE OF THE BIGGEST UPDATES THIS BLOG WILL EVER HAVE!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Firefly necklace!

Heya Jammers! Sorry for the late post today. Sadly, today's new item is not a returning rare, but a firefly necklace! It's very beta-like :) It can be bought in epic wonders clothing orb, for 1,500 gems. I'm not buying one though! Also, I thought the strangely coloured bow and arrows in Best Dressed over, it might be returning as a non member gift as in last year but with new colours! Like Yellow, The strange colour I can't find a word for >.< and some more! That would be cool! Note the bow and arrows in yesterday's post was not purple! Anyway, today I am giving this blog an update! The update includes: Possibly a change of theme and colours and font, some new pages and more! Have fun Jammers! CleverQueen x

Friday, 14 September 2012


Heya Jammers, I am so sorry that I didn't post for the last couple of days I will post from now on x3 Today's new item is...the...the...STAR GLASSES ARE BACK!!! Yay!!! Get your today they are very summery! Here's a picture: I already bought a pair, lots happened since I wasn't posting! I got a lot of rares I always wanted and I'm proud of myself. Also, my blog nearly reached 100 views! When it reaches 100 I will have a party! Details will go out soon. Meanwhile, whilst I was playing best dressed, this weird coloured bow came up, does anyone know what the fudge is wrong with that bow? Or is it just me? Look! I also had a gecko party with my friends, here are some pictures! One will go on my homework book...speaking of school, today I scored 15/20 in a Maths test because I was daydreaming! Did I put a picture twice? If so, tell me! See ya Jammers!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Monkey Pets and Backpack!

Heya Jammers! Today's new item is the backpack, available for 400 gems in Jam mart clothing-Finally! Here's a picture-
Also, the monthly member gift is a monkey, sent in a jam-a-gram! Shame members can't send and trade pets! You can customise your cute monkey pet as well! There's me opening my gift:
The monkey pets are so adorable! Check out the rare accessories for it at the pets only party ^.^ Also, I would like to say thank you so far if you are reading this blog I would really like to share some excellent Animal Jam blogs here if you can't see the links then comment and I'll fix it...along with the picture issue! Animal Jam spirit blog Okay, that's my favourite blog I don't know many! Ok Jammers,see ya tomorrow! P.S. Sorry about the backpack picture, I have reasons why it came out like that >.< Sorry, Jammers!