Friday, 31 August 2012

Monkey Jungle Gym

Heya Jammers! Today's daily item is the Monkey Jungle Gym, sold in the Monkeys Only party!
Tomorrow is Monthly Member Gift! I'm so excited! I don't know how the Monkey Pet Gift will work though! The Monkey Jungle Gym comes in a range of funky colours so get yours today! I am looking forward to seeing morel lanes in the plant shop ^.^ If you can,please share this blog with others! Thank you! I would really appreciate it! CleverQueen


Heya! This is CleverQueen here :3 This is my blog about Animal Jam! I will post updates,codes,new items and more! Enjoy! Here are some AJ screenshots I took with my buddies:
Well, that's about it for today Jammers! Have fun and JAM ON! <3 CLEVERQUEEN And yep, this blog WAS meant to start on 1 September but I changed my mind!