Monday, 17 September 2012

Rare Arctic Coat

Heya Jammers! Today's Monday rare is the arctic coat-of course, member only! Whilst I couldn't post yesterday,I was busy decorating my Jam-tamstic homework book! And I mean Jam-tastic, I decorated it with Pictures of Animal Jam and some of my animals! If you would like instructions to do this project, tomorrow's post will give you the link, of course, I will write it myself! Also, the blog update will come between today-tomorrow. I would also like to ask anyone reading this blog to let others know about it-speaking of my blog, I only need 9 more views until 100! ooh! Party coming soon! For today's post I SADLY can't include a picture, but it's a great returning rare! The next monday rare will be The arctic hood, look on the daily explorer! If they have changed it, Snowyclaw's blog has a picture,CLICK HERE I mean, Arctic Hoods and coats, not many people realised they are now small rares. Yesterday's item was also the sea turtle sumbersidle, do you think the next endangered Animal will be the Sea Turtle? Will more Sea Turtle items come out? It is a great addition to my underwater transport link, if you want to take a look visit my underwater den, now unlocked, by wednesday. Account: cleverqueen New blog update will include: NEW FAVICON,NEW BLOG FONT, NEW BLOG FONT COLOURS, POSSIBLY NEW THEME, MAYBE NEW BACKGROUND IMAGE, NEW POLL, NEW PAGES AND MORE SO LOOK OUT FOR THE BLOG UPDATE! CLEVERQUEEN <3 P.S Also, as you may already know, the Animal Jam homebase is in UTAH. I might change the time show on this blog to Utah time zone, as It will really fit! LOOK OUT FOR THE BIG UPDATE-ONE OF THE BIGGEST UPDATES THIS BLOG WILL EVER HAVE!

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