Sunday, 23 September 2012

I'm back!

Hey Jammers! Sorry for the really late post and sorry for not posting for a long time. As you may know I have updated the blog! It is not complete yet, I just have to update the poll and add the new pages. Meanwhile, I would like some items to come back, to show the culture of Jamaa, I mean, I support the Jamaasian movement ^.^ So,what I would like you to do is copy this message: WORN BLANKETS,WOOD FLOORS,HEADDRESSES AND FRUIT BOWLS COME BACK! And paste it in the little question mark boxes around Jamaa's shops, parties and locations. The reason I want those items back is because I used to own some, but they got HACKED,like I want them to come back so I can buy myself some! Please copy and paste this message every day into every box if you can! Also, plants are coming back, some items are coming back , what will happen next? And,speaking of returning rares, today's new item is a Baby palm tree, sold in the beautiful Sarepia Forest. Now, I might just not add pictures to my blog posts,which encourages you to go see what the item looks like for yourself, unless its a returning rare ^.^ Meanwhile, I saw strange coloured Anemone head bow while playing underwater best dressed- It was black,grey and white! This gives me a hint of Last year's Jamaaliday gifts coming back in NEW colours! That's all for today, look out for more updates! -CLEVERQUEEN <3

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