Saturday, 15 September 2012

Firefly necklace!

Heya Jammers! Sorry for the late post today. Sadly, today's new item is not a returning rare, but a firefly necklace! It's very beta-like :) It can be bought in epic wonders clothing orb, for 1,500 gems. I'm not buying one though! Also, I thought the strangely coloured bow and arrows in Best Dressed over, it might be returning as a non member gift as in last year but with new colours! Like Yellow, The strange colour I can't find a word for >.< and some more! That would be cool! Note the bow and arrows in yesterday's post was not purple! Anyway, today I am giving this blog an update! The update includes: Possibly a change of theme and colours and font, some new pages and more! Have fun Jammers! CleverQueen x

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