Thursday, 27 September 2012

Jamaa Journal volume 70

Hey Jammers! This update brings lots of excitement to Jamaa.
The winning den for the den contest is a mushroom hut. Congratulations to the winners!
You have 3 more days to purchase a pet monkey by becoming a member- Hurry! And, the aj birthday celebrations are still growing strong- I think you have 2 more weeks left until they fade!
There is a new competition- for a phantom postcard! I can't wait until day of the phantoms- good rares I suppose? Hehe ^.^
There is an advert promoting the new shirts!
And finally info on the news crew and the new news crew plaques. The day of the phantoms is drawing closer- look! I can't wait!!
And now to end today's excitement- the new pencil table and the returning leg armor! Yesh!! :3 I already got pink and white- which colours did you get? Other versions of leg armour so far Include freedom bands-non member leg armour and Something from leap year- a rare leg armour! Heres some pictures:
Ok Jammers, I added a new page to the blog, look out for more! Happy Jamming!!! <3 -cLEVERQUEEN

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