Saturday, 29 September 2012


Hey Jammers! Do you think I would miss this post? Today's new item is the BAMBOO! You can buy your own in Sarepia Forest plant shop :) I always waited for that!
Meanwhile, CLICK HERE to find an interesting article about quests coming back! What do you think? Will rare items be issued as rewards? Maybe gems? Or maybe even nothing? The best part is the quests, to find Jamaa's inner story! And, I would like to do the Weekly Saturday mystery, a bit like Snowyclaw's Monday mystery, but I like the idea so much!! This week's mystery is in epic wonders...
Near the clothing orb, is, carved, a horse/unicorn/pegasus. What do you think it is? What is it for? How did it get there? Post ideas in comments, winning story will be posted tomorrow! Now, as I am nearing 150 page views, I would like to announce the party details!!! DATE: SUNDAY,7 OCTOBER 2012 TIME: 16:15-16:30 (A SHORT PARTY-THE TIEM IS BASED ON THE CLOCK ON THIS BLOG!) PLACE: MY DEN! WE WILL TRAVEL ROUND JAMAA A BIT. AND, ALSO, MY 11th BIRTHDAY IS ON OCTOBER 3. I WOUDL LIKE TO ASK FOR A FEW GIFTS TO MAKE ME FEEL APPRECIATED, MAYBE SOME EPIC WONDERS STUFF, OR IF YOU HAVE ANY SMALL SPARE BETAS OR RARES I WOULD LIEK THOSE TOO. THANK YOU!!! CLEVERQUEEN!

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